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Grace “Gigi” Greenleaf, the prodigal daughter, comes home to Memphis, Tennessee. There, she sits down to dinner with her family for the first time in 20 years—and the results are uncomfortable, to say the least. As Grace begins her new role as a response minister at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, her quest for the truth about Uncle Mac's dark secret leads her to a teenage girl named Danielle.
Grace becomes the third wheel on a dinner date with her ex-boyfriend Noah and his fiancée, while Kevin grapples with unexpected—and unwanted—chemistry with Adrian. The mayor asks the bishop to take a controversial stance and publicly support a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. Meanwhile, Grace's daughter, Sophia, sneaks out to a protest in support of the young victim.
When members of the church reach out for prayers for their terminally ill child, Grace Greenleaf and Bishop James Greenleaf find themselves with opposing views on the value of hope and the responsibilities of a pastor. Despite protestations from both Grace and Lady Mae, the bishop appoints Grace to preach on Sunday in his absence, forcing her to deal with her conflicted feelings about returning to the pulpit.
On the day he's set to receive the Memphis Man of the Year award, Mac juggles a variety of tasks for the Greenleaf clan both in his capacity as chief counsel and as a family member, including advising Charity about the new music director she wants to hire and assisting Jacob with the details of his television pitch to the bishop. A firestorm of public controversy erupts when a grand jury declines to press charges against Memphis police Officer David Nelson.
Following the shooting of Memphis police Officer David Nelson, a debate erupts about security at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. Meanwhile, Charity confronts Kevin for being glued to his phone and disengaged, and Mac plans to leave the country, which sets off a chain of events with potentially catastrophic consequences. Mac's attempt to blackmail the bishop is thwarted by Grace. Then, Grace has to deal with Sophia's father, Ray, who has doubts about Grace's parenting.
The church, beset on all sides by scandal, is hemorrhaging money and members. Meanwhile, Ray takes Grace to court for custody of Sophia, and Jacob's offers to help at Calvary are declined. Plus, Kevin begins getting closer to Adrian. Grace, Ray and Sophia go to court for a custody hearing, while Basie Skanks, the bishop and Jacob meet to discuss an opportunity at Basie's church, Triumph.
Deacon Sykes is not sold on the idea of Lady Mae preaching at Women's Day. Basie Skanks reveals that he wants Jacob to run Triumph's new community center, which will be built very near Calvary. Finally, Lady Mae confronts her sister, Mavis. The new original drama series Greenleaf from award-winning writer/producer Craig Wright (Lost, Six Feet Under, Brothers and Sisters) takes viewers into the unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis megachurch, where scandalous secrets and lies are as numerous as the faithful. Born of the church, the Greenleaf family love and care for each other, but beneath the surface lies a den of iniquity—greed, adultery, sibling rivalry and conflicting values—that threatens to tear apart the very core of their faith that holds them together.